ijsbrand is my second name.
ice is derived from the old germanic word iron.
brand means fire and was connected to sword.

we moved to bergen, an artisan village,
near the sea.

taking pictures turned into a work career as independent film- and lightning cameraman for 10 years in the film industry.

i’ve travelled the world, sailed various seas.
took high waves.
nature stayed.
my fascination and inspiration.
light, shadows, patterns, movements, shapes and color always catching my eye.

ijsbrand is seen as an established contemporary artist. he grew up in the famous artist village of bergen. near the sea, dunes and forest. in 1915 the movement of the bergense school was born here.

nature is also the source of inspiration for ijsbrand. he has several, different types of durable and unique colorful paints, carefully composed by him. the raw and special nature details and objects that he uses for his artworks, to create a 3D feeling, are combined by ijsbrand with materials such as his molten metal and real shells. unique premium artworks on canvas, glass, wood or metal.